Nextgen greens private limited

In India, cities and towns have been poorly developed in a haphazard manner with a continuous growth potential. Quality of people’s lives in such towns and cities is predominantly controlled by one single authority viz. the Municipality of the town/city. The sole entity responsible for affecting the quality of life is the Municipality of that city or town. The cities faces issues like unhygienic community living conditions and spaces, poor roads, improper and inadequate sewer treatment, unorganized and unscientific waste disposal and lack of landscaping. Nextgen Greens Pvt Ltd as a Start Up company will aid them to transform poorly developed cities and towns into smart towns and cities using science and technology. It understands that the transformation cannot be at the cost of the cultural and social norms of the city/town and will seek to retain the uniqueness. As per various studies of Government of India and also WHO (World Health Organization), safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene are prerequisite for a healthy society. It on the one hand reduces pathogens and controls Diarrhoea, Cholera, Malaria, etc. it also helps in maintaining the water quality in rivers as most of the domestic waste water flows in the rivers at present.
Founder: Dr. KALPANA ARORA, PhD (Nextgen greens private limited)

Drumlins Water Technologies Pvt Ltd providing smart solutions for the communities at an affordable price. We converted polluted water into tangible and valuable without utilizing excess water and electricity for operation. Our vision is to develop the best water purification technology on the earth and  Mission is to provide efficient, portable, affordable and user-friendly defluorinated devices equipped with Fluoride Sensors to the communities
Founder: Dr. Suphiya Khan (Drmlins water technologies pvt ltd.)

Uniworld care India (UCI) is a health tech start-up, working for improving patient care through technology driven healthcare solutions. We have streamlined EMR/Health card of more than 10,000 patients and treated them online through Telemedicine. UCI mission is to bridge the gaps of urban and rural healthcare of India & globally. Our product range are e-upchar telemedicine solutions, Sehat Card electronic health cards, Sehat Vantechnology based mobile medical units (MMU) & TORIYA Portal. Presently, we are working in three states of India-Uttarakhand, Nagaland & Madhya Pradesh.
Founder: Dr. Radhika Shrivastava, (Uniworld)

Presolv360 started with the vision of becoming a hub for new-age dispute management, trust-building and bringing accountability in commercial relationships. It is an online dispute resolution (ODR) platform that makes dispute resolution data-driven and inclusive. It specialises in small to mid-value commercial dispute resolution. We offer electronic arbitration housed under the Arbitration360 module and electronic mediation housed under the Mediation360 module. The innovation of Presolv360 lies also in the design and approach to digitizing dispute resolution. Our unique offerings are built on the backs of extensive research, user feedback and experience of several stalwarts of the legal fraternity and industry.
Co-Founder: Namita Shah, (Presolv 360)

It’s in the wild that beauty lies. At Wild Earth we believe in creating products that are packed with natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, phthalates & silicones. All products have been created through detailed studies of natural extracts , minerals available aand their effects on various types of skin textures. Wild Earth truly believes that looking beautiful need not come at the cost of harming nature or cruelty to animals. Transparency is key to us and you will always know what goes into our products. All our products are handcrafted with ingenuity and passion & you will feel the love when you use Wild Earth.
Founder: Shabia Ravi Walia, (Wild Earth)

Miceonline ( MOL ) - B2B AGGREGATOR PLATFORM for all event management needs. This is an online platform that showcases international hotels directly to corporate customers globally. We have over 1000 corporate meeting planners, event planners, conference and meeting specialist travel agents who use our platform. MICEONLINE is Easy DO it yourself platform , One event one invoice , Transparent , Easy to use dashboards , data and MIS tools, CRM tool ,seamless connectivity to suppliers, payment gateways.
Founder and CEO: Tanuja Pandey, (Miceonline)

WhiteCub , a brand owned by Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd, has its genesis in a vegan mother's endeavour to provide vegan icecreams to her toddler twins. What started as an effort to serve joyful icecream moments to those who avoided dairy, has by now evolved into a solution of a varied range of dairy alternatives.WhiteCub exists to fill in crucial gaps in dairy-free foods availability. WhiteCub currently offers DairyFree IceCreams, Butter, Dahi, Yogurt and Nuts Spread .We replace dairy with almond, coconut and soy in our products. We operate through our dedicated parlours , D2C model and presence in over 150 retail stores pan India. Our target clientele includes people who avoid dairy for reasons of health including dairy allergy and lactose intolerance,ethics and environment conservation. We have a well maintained balance between in-house and outsourced manufacturing with high focus on quality control. We plan to enter HORECA segment in a big way in Q4 21-22 and Exports in Q1 22-23.
Founder: Sonal, (White Cub)

Trestle Labs is an assistive technology company empowering the blind and visually impaired community towards inclusive education and employment by building solutions that help them listen, translate and digitize any kind of printed handwritten and digital content across 60 Global languages. Our patent-pending innovation stack, Kibo comprises 3 products addressing the Lifestyle, Learning and Earning aspects of our Blind users' lives.
Co-Founder: Dr. Akshita Sachdeva, (Trestle Labs)

Ashva Wear Tech ( was founded in 2019 with a vision to decentralize and democratize musculoskeletal healthcare to all. Fitknees Assess is a wearable sensor- based knee assessment system which quantifies physiotherapy and tracks progress, through real time biofeedback and detailed data analytics reports (called the Kneeports). The Kneeports provide comprehensive outcome measures for assessment of chronic (osteoarthritis, patellofemoral syndrome, knee replacement surgeries, etc) and sports knee injuries, including range of motion, muscle strength, balance, staircase test, 6 minute walk test, gait analysis and dynamic and static knee alignment during a battery of squats and jump tests on single and double leg. With the detailed insights provided by Fitknees, the physiotherapist can develop curated and targeted treatment plan for their patients, guaranteeing faster and better recovery.
Founder & CEO: Anmol Ajay Saxena , (Ashva Waerable Technologies Pvt. Ltd)

Organiko is a Social enterprise creating livelihood for Donkey owners by utilizing their existing untapped resource Donkey Milk to make skincare products. Donkey milk contains essential fatty acids that work as powerful anti-aging and healing properties. These fatty acids blur the wrinkles on the skin and help to regenerate damaged skin. We're currently working with marginalized cattle famers across DELHI-NCR and UP.  We're a D2C skincare brand. Our products are 100% natural and eco friendly.
Founder: Pooja Kaul (Organiko)

ArtION is committed to the effective deployment of precipitation enhancement technologies. The rainfall produced by catalyzing precipitation artificially, will be addressing large scale farming, water shortages and water floods aimed at irrigation, environmental flows and country center rural water supplies. It is focused on research and development which can be used for climate change adaptation; fog dispersion, increased agricultural yield and deactivation of corona viruses to stop the spread.
Founder: Dr. Neeta Doshi, (ArtION)

SVATANYA is a Sustainable Social Creative Craft Enterprise based in Delhi upskills underprivileged women (primarily homemakers) living in urban slums towards self-reliance. The women are provided Training, Design handholding and raw material to create beautiful eco-conscious handcrafted products. Leveraging a robust Design, Development & Training model enables women to create products from the comforts of their homes leveraging assembly line production as well. SVATANYA. Besides the social business model there’s a deep and underlying commitment to being environmentally conscious as well and so waste/stocks is upcycled and recycled raw materials are used to minimize carbon footprint.
Founder: Deepa Pant (Svatanya)

BUNKO JUNKO is a blend of sustainable and innovative design. We design, deconstruct and develop chic garments using industrial waste, dead stocks, and sustainable material. Every product has its own story and no two garments are the same. NO SAME PINCH. We adapt this thinking in our design process- where clothes are comfortable and utilitarian, made up with upcycled as well as in our production process- where we try to work on a zero-waste policy. Everything from post-production is put back into use through various kinds of patchwork, knitting of back fabrics, making accessories, etc.
Founder and CEO: Bhavini Parikh, (Bunko Junko)

Curious Kids is a USA accredited STEAM Based Learning Platform that Covers the Entire Learning Spectrum. This learning platform consists of an adaptive news app and newspaper for kids, called The Young Chronicle, robotics, and electronics classes, along with creative writing classes, a mechanism through which kids can become published authors, a YouTube channel, and a whole lot more. The entire suite of offerings is directed toward building design thinking and problem-solving in children.
Co-Founder: RITIKA AMIT KUMAR (Curious Kids Media Tech Pvt. Ltd.)

9SciKnowTech is an initiative to build scientific temperament and aptitude in children. The main flagship program of SciKnowTech is the annual program, held at a full-fledged academy (with creative laboratories), which caters to children from Grade 2 to 10. The program covers their curricula of Science & Math not only theoretically, but also experientially in the form of multiple languages of learning like Field Trips, Year-end Grand Carnivals, DIY Kits, Model Making, Experiments, Creative Craftwork, Storytelling, Expert’s intervention & a lot more! The year-long program also offers to learn beyond the curriculum in form of children participating in local & national fairs, contests, seminars and exciting learning curves in the form of outreach programs.
Founder: Dr. Megha Bhatt , (SCIknowtech)

ZUCATE is an INTERACTIVE, COMPREHENSIVE, MULTILINGUAL, VISUAL LEARNING platform in the training and development education segment. Zucate has developed AUGMENTED REALITY based learning experience and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE based ANALYTICS that provides customization suited to the student’s intellect and grasping ability. Zucate is an award winning Startup in the EdTech Sector, and currently the Number 1 Doubt clearing Platform in India. The founders are experienced business professionals who have successfully run profitable ventures. They serve as mentors and advisors to various startups under Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) and have successfully coached potential entrepreneurs for reputed bodies such as AICTE, ESIC, IIITs and other institutions
Founder and CEO: Dr. Moitreyee Goswami, (Zucate)

Winstar makes biodegradable sanitary napkins for underprivileged section of the society. She has created and indigenously designed vending machine and an incinerator to dispose off the used sanitary napkins in a hygienic way.
Founder and CEO: Stella Richard (Winstar)

A four-year old venture, Baked Beauty specialises in providing highly customised baked goodies- ranging from cakes, brownies, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates et al. Based out of Delhi-NCR, Baked Beauty also prepares unique snacks like Masala Chai Cake or Gulab Jamun Cake to appeal to the Indian tastebuds. Their efficient doorstep delivery model ensures positive feedback across their social media accounts- which was their launchpad. Currently, they participate in various food festivals- like Grub Fest or Palate Fest and have introduced, ‘Be A Home Baker'- a specialised workshop wherein girls are trained how to bake and subsequently start there own venture. Their rising popularity accredited to sheer word-of-mouth, Baked Beauty is contacted for numerous occasions- from weddings to baby showers.

Greensonic Foundation

Greenosonic Foundation is a registered NGO based in Mumbai, India - specializes in the art of eco friendly living. We are a leading NGO working in the field of Environment, Waste Management, Water Conservation and Sustainable development. We work on giving environmentally sustainable solutions and work diligently on promoting awareness on climate change. Here at Greenosonic Foundation, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Some of these solutions include : Rain Water Harvesting, Waste Management, River Rejuvenation.
Founder: Lata Jha, (Greensonic Foundation)

Accelo has built technologies in ADAS Systems, Camera Analytics, Accident Detection and Frontal Collision Avoidance Systems, Semi Autonomous and Autonomous Vehicle Systems and Electric Vehicles. Accelo is a mobility startup driving the electric transition of automobiles in middle and last mile commute and delivery space using safe and sustainable solutions. Accelo with its proprietary skateboard technology is offering two products to the market today - 1. ISAAC Shuttle - for commute ; 2. ISAAC Delivery - for cargo transportation
Co-Founder: Vrunda Nimje (Accelo Innovation pvt. Ltd)


Narla™ - The Coconut & Spice Co we are nuts about coconuts, spice and all things nice. We offer a variety of coconut gourmet foods like cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, Goan coconut vinegar, coconut sugar, coconut flour, and handmade coconut soaps. Based in the beautiful, resourceful and tiny state of Goa, Narla™ works directly with local farmers to ensure fair trade as well as local communities employing other women.
Founder: Nilisha Ferrao (NArla)

Upjao Agrotect is India's first AI platform for grain quality assessment which can be deployed on a mobile phone or any embedded system consisting of an 8MP camera. Quality being the first and most important parameter to decide the cost of any commodity traded, transactions of trillions of dollars agri-commodity relies merely on quality speculations leading to cost-quality paralysis. We are competing with machine manufacturers who sell the tools for more than 10Lakh per unit. Using our APIs, users can see the defected grains, quality feature scores and distribution along with moisture content and weight of the samples.
Co-Founder: Ritu Mishra (Upjao Agrotech)

Shilpkari Bazaar is an innitiative to promote the artisans and artists at the grass root level of the Jammu region. Jammu region and its handicraft and handlooms have manly been under the shadow of Kashmir for decades. It never came to the limelight. We have many village artists and artisans of Jammu region who are working hard to keep their culture, tradition and identity Intact. At Shilpkari Bazaar we support the people by bringing their art and craft on a globally digital platform.
Co-Founder: Sanchaita Pradhan, (Shilpkari Bazaar)


An online marketplace for kids products, Kidzig helps connect buyers and sellers. The tech-based platform offers curated products for children up to 14 years, typically providing all the information for the potential buyers to make a purchase decision by providing personalized results. Their tech based platform allows the sellers to build their online stores with Kidzig and promote their products. They currently have 1500 verified sellers and 50,000 products on sale. Their vision is to take the online platform overseas with international customers and sellers.
Founders: Diksha Ohri & Aishna Ohri


KrossKulture is a one stop platform that unifies artists of two states to create a fusion of art, thus making India reachable to Indians. The concept revolves around creating opportunities for the aspirant Indians by making art as livelihood. Further, this helps open up a new periphery of fusion art focussed on textiles. Founded by a IIIT PhD research scholar, they periodically conduct workshops with artisans of different states for art enthusiasts. They currently have a strong consumer base comprised of loyal customers who periodically book products through them.
Founder: Rinu Ananda


A cloud infrastructure management platform, Cloudrino is entirely agnostic to hardware platform and OS running on the server. All the while it adds to the security and speed by a staggering 300 percent, owing to its proprietary algorithm. Specialising in High Availability Architecture, they are currently in the process of filing a patent. Cloudrino is an award winning solution spanning over 12000 servers globally and has acquired 195,000 users globally in a short period of 18 months. In simple words, it is an extremely fast cPanel which has the ability to be deployed on an IoT device. An award-winning solution, it has been a part of the Empower program, Upgrad, IITD-WEE Startup Leadership Program and Techstars Mumbai. Next, they were also selected to represent the Science and Technology Department of the Government in North America. Cloudrino has made a soft landing to Canada owing to DMZ and Ryerson Futures and were also apart of the Tech30- the top 30 technology companies in 2016.
Founder: Tarusha Mittal


La Kairos is the reality of the vision of bringing happiness to homes. La Kairos is a supreme home furnishings brand that prides itself on luxury and life. La Kairos is focused on the revival of the art of hand embroidery, and to merge comfort with class in those spaces where we rest and rejuvenate. Every collection is hand-designed and made from natural fibres. Their clientelle includes Ambassadors, Political Dignitaries, Members of the United Nations. They signed their first International Design License with an American company in 2016. Their range of Home Textiles and Accessories is currently available in India, United States and United Kingdom.
Founder: Shreya Jain

DAZL merges the worlds of fashion and IoT into a stylish smart device for women to intelligently manage their busy lifestyle across work, social life, health and home while keeping them safe and connected. The DAZL collection consists of stylish bracelets and pendants. With a filed patent, DAZL is placed at the intersection of Fashion + Hardware + Software + Data Analytics. In August 2016, they won the 'Vodafone Startup Award' and received seed funding from Vodafone and Zone Startups.
Founder: Aditi Chadha

New Delhi-based Tatpar Business Solutions Private Limited was incorporated on 23 Dec 2014 under Company’s Act 2013. They offer an extensive line of facility services at reasonable rates. Within a span of two years, they laid the solid foundation of a strong consumer base and are presently have operations in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Delhi-NCR. Under the guidance of their co-founder who has 8+ years of HR experience, they aim to emerge as leading facility manpower service provider in upcoming years.
Founder: Soumya S Vachaspati

Nutriflavr delivers health in flavoured packs. A Bangalore-based home-cooked food delivery service, it offers weekly and monthly meal plans. The planned menus ensure variety in taste and helps us earn faithful customers who opt for our services frequently.
Founder: Yogita Vetale

A four month-old venture, Craft Owl specializes in creating products customized to the tastes of the consumer. From greeting and invitation cards to explosion boxes, from gift tags and bags to their highly popular scrapbooks and visiting cards, everything is meticulously put together and personalised till it expresses the feelings the client wishes to convey. Each product tells a story and highlights the individuality of human spirit. Crafty Owl hopes to spark a distant memory, make one smile or look at the most mundane in a new and fonder light!
Founder: Amrita Singh

A scientific and educational start-up dedicated to exploring and recognizing the importance of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, energy conservation, Shreeranya Renewable India (SRI) takes pride in providing cost effective sustainable technology amidst climate change to protect environment and habitats. They aid the guardians of the future to understand, adopt, protect and implement renewable technologies and sustainable solutions in their day-to-day life. They align themselves with the vision and mission of Shri Narendra Modi, like Make in India, Start-up and Stand-up India and National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). Further, they draw inspiration from his speech on 5th September 2014, people with high professional achievements should teach students.
Website :
Founder: Riya Singh

Contributing significantly to the nation’s Make In India campaign, Krishna Polymer Technology manufactures plastic products which are currently being imported in India from different countries. Specialising in manufacture of ‘Plastic Injection Molded’ products for fan industries and paint industries and household items, they have been selected by Walmart India to be their vendor as part of the Women Entrepreneur Development Programme.
Founder: Aparna Mishra

Glow Up

Glow Up specialises in generating awareness about organic skin and personal care products. Their founder has previously worked in the banking sector, human resource development and business development for 15+ years, thus providing the requisite know-how to launch a venture with a sustainable business model. Their primary opportunity lies in lack of dissemination of knowledge amongst the masses in regard to their products, fostering a suitable environment to establish a company. Their key strengths include a highly-motivated team and a positive work atmosphere, both conducive towards producing results.
Founder: Anjana Wadhwa

A socially sustainable start-up that is working on promoting beekeeping, BeePositive++, hopes to contribute towards achieving the government’s target of doubling farmers' incomes by 2022. They are creating a country-wide network of Beekeeping Cooperatives on the lines of AMUL. Having developed a CASHLESS model, farmers will be enabled to own and run small Bee-keeping Businesses without spending a rupee! Special focus is given to training beekeepers to scientifically harvest beehive products, besides honey, which have a huge demand globally. They have already obtained an order from the largest seller of honey in the country and a well-known restaurant chain is using their products.They plan to develop an app which will help in running the logistics of the cooperative, enable beekeepers to connect with their experts for resolving issues related to bee health and smoothen the process of payments and order tracking. They have been covered in press releases including- Times of India, Economic Times, Amar Ujala, The Tribune, CNBC-Young Turks and NDTV.
Founder: Kanupriya Saigal

Let's Barter India is the World's Largest Community for barter on Facebook. They are bringing back the tradition of barter to India, via an app and Facebook group. Today, they are a member community of over 1,86,000 members who are advocates of barter and exchange their goods and services on a daily basis. Their app brings the concept of barter to your handsets and helps one connect with others for exchanges around them.
Founder: Pooja Bhayana

Ankita Gulati

Presently working on affordable interactive multimodal books for visually impaired people, the venture has received support from MHRD and DEITY for carrying out translational research. Their book is an Indian cost effective alternative to multimodal solutions available in global market costing around $800, whereas, the cost for their product is almost 1/100th of the international cost. National Innovation Foundation has recognized their efforts by felicitating us with Gandhian Young Technological Award at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. They have also registered a patent for their proprietary solution. Recently, they won WeChallenge Pitching contest at ThinkBig2016 conference organized by the State Government of Karnataka.
Founder: Ankita Gulati

A four-year old venture, Baked Beauty specialises in providing highly customised baked goodies- ranging from cakes, brownies, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates et al. Based out of Delhi-NCR, Baked Beauty also prepares unique snacks like Masala Chai Cake or Gulab Jamun Cake to appeal to the Indian tastebuds. Their efficient doorstep delivery model ensures positive feedback across their social media accounts- which was their launchpad. Currently, they participate in various food festivals- like Grub Fest or Palate Fest and have introduced, ‘Be A Home Baker'- a specialised workshop wherein girls are trained how to bake and subsequently start there own venture. Their rising popularity accredited to sheer word-of-mouth, Baked Beauty is contacted for numerous occasions- from weddings to baby showers.
Founder: Saniya Sarguru


Chamkili deals with reusing and upcycling household items that are otherwise thrown away, thereby offering employment and skills to women. Stemming from a hobby, Chamkili offers products which are lifestyle accessories with utility and aesthetic. They are created from general household items like- old newspapers, plastic bottles, glass bottles, old clothes, cardboards etc. These are transformed to make items like bags, table runners, lamps, cushion covers, gifts and jewellery pieces. With their raw material being easy to source, their products are reasonably priced and appeal to wide range of people. Also, Chamkili offers producing personalised gift items for clients who provide them material with high emotional value.
Founder: Surbhi Gautam

Early Engineers

Addressing the problem of the need for computer science lessons at the school-level in a structured, scientific and practical way, have developed content in both soft and hard format to provide a platform to schools, teachers and individual students. With the goal to fulfil the dream of Digital India in mind, the idea is to provide both a B2B and B2C model to customers- including schools, governments / education administrators and individual students. Presently is providing services across Gurgaon, covering various STEM programs for schoolchildren in the areas of Robotics, Coding, Mobile App Design, Engineering Concepts. Delivered across multiple locations within Gurgaon, students of the programme have been part of National Level Robotics Competitions, emerged as finalists at Google coding contests and excelled in several other competitions. Every program provides fun-filled learning session enhancing students’ proficiency in 4 C’s: Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Communication.
Founder: Kavita Jain

Working with farmer producer organisations that include over 650 rural women farmers from Afghanistan and different states of India, Guna promotes eco-positive eating by marketing handmade organic products and conducting Macrobiotic food workshops. Their venture partners with the UNFAO Save Food Initiative and are a women-led organisation which emphasises on recyclable packaging and waste reduction. Their founder is a Macrobiotic coach who graduated from King’s College London and trained in organic, macrobiotic cooking from Daylesford Organic Cookery School & Whole Food Harmony (UK). So far, they have collaborated with the following brick and mortar stores along with several online stores such as Amazon , ,
Founder: Neha Upadhyay

Dr. Ritu Sethi

By reviving the ancient medicinal practices of Ayurveda, Dr. Ritu Sethi, aspires to eliminate diseases in the rural areas of India. The preliminary idea revolves around provision of preventive solution for ailments like joint pain, allergic cough and cold, menstrual problems, skin problems, dengue, chikungunya etc. in the form of dispersible granule sachets, which can be mixed in hot water to provide relief. The founder, a practicing Ayurveda doctor who has been researching for 16+ years, hopes to provide this medical solution to villages at a price that is even below the price of 1 litre of mineral water i.e. Rs. 10/-. Further, the venture aims to empower the village Lokpal to give employment to the womenfolk at the grassroot level. Presently serving in Holy Family Hospital as a Senior Consultant for the past 9 years, the founder strives to implement this idea in the most economical way possible.
Founder: Dr. Ritu Sethi, M.D. (Ayurveda)