The Why of WEE

"Our aim is to reduce the failure rate of startups and thereby making entreprenuership a medium to reduce unemployment"


Learn & build

Refine your business Idea

We help you justify your business assumptions, prove product - Market Validity and build a clear value proposition

Validate & Build

Validate your business model

We help you validate your product with a targeted pool of beta customers to give a real life feedback and usability of your product

Investment & Growth

Grow fast and raise funds

Work with growth hackers and investment experts to scale your prodcut and get ready for investment round

Post Graduation Support

Global Network

Be a part of the global network

Be a part of our knowledge partner "Yo Startups" alumninetwork and access our global network of startups, mentors and service provider to leverage their expertise and hack your growth

Be known

Reach to wider target audience

Being known boosts your chances of success manifolds. Leverage our global reach and 3 million plus monthly web impressions to fast track your growth

Investment Readiness

Sharpen your business fundamentals

Work with our mentors and investment experts to continue growing and sharpen your business case so as to attract better investment opportunities

Classroom Program Structure

Month - 1

Equips entrepreneurs with the tool to initiate, validate and refine their business idea

Month - 2

Provides market & customer insights, so that entrepreneurs are ready face market with their product

Month - 3

Prepare entrepreneurs with the skillset require to scale a business to reach unit economics

Validated Learning Process

Tracking and tools to measure the learning

Run entrepreneurs through the Business Modeling exercises at the end of every module to measure the learning process.

Classroom Programs

Month - 1

Month - 2

Month - 3